Corporate Governance

Whilst providing a place of enjoyment for our Members and Guests is the focus for us as a club, the primary function of the company is to propagate sport in the Illawarra, in particular Rugby League. This is achieved by adhering to our key strategic fundamentals:

  • A viable Steelers organisation
  • Profitable Licensed club = Investment in Rugby League
  • World class NRL & local rugby league in the Illawarra
  • Commitment to the JV/Dragons
  • Honouring our commitments
  • Valuing our key stakeholders
  • Operate within our affordable means
  • Custodians of our members’ interests

Board of Directors

  • Chairman – Peter Newell OAM
  • Deputy Chairman – Sean O’Connor
  • Director – John Borgo
  • Director – Kevin Felgate
  • Director – Graeme Gulloch
  • Director - Colin Markham
  • Director – Bob Millward OAM
  • Director – Ian Neill


  • Operations Manager – Luke Barker
  • General Manager – Sharon Arrow
  • Duty Manager – Graham Crittenden
  • Administration Manager – Alison King

Important Information for Club Members

The Steelers Club provide financial assistance through the Club Grants program to the Dragons Dynasty Fund, Rugby League in the region, registered charities and other fundraising activities. In addition we provide accommodation to the Illawarra based Dragons administration, Illawarra Cutters administration, Illawarra Coal Rugby League administration and Illawarra Junior Representative staff. The Steelers Club also support local sporting teams by donating the Steelers facilities with complimentary room and equipment hire.

Men Of League Foundation

The Steelers Club is an active supporter of the Men of League Foundation. The Men of League Foundation supports members of the rugby league community who have fallen on hard times. They provide practical assistance with everything from medical operations, rehabilitation and nursing equipment to welfare support, grants and scholarships. For more information click here.

Wall Of Hands

Through the initiative of Steelers Club staff, we support the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) Wall of Hands campaign. The Wall of Hands movement has helped the ALNF reach thousands of children in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Australia. Each week staff donate a nominated amount from their salary to be donated to the campaign. In addition donation boxes can be found located in the club. Should you wish to get involved in this worthy cause please click here.

Bronze Partner - NSW Government Sustainability Advantage Program

As a commitment to the Illawarra Steelers Club's vision to be economically and environmentally sustainable, a Sustainability Team has been established to facilitate a shift towards sustainable business management practices and align with the club's overall strategic focus to propagate Rugby League in the Illawarra. The Steelers Sustainability Team is pivotal to delivering upon internal sustainability objectives and goals, as well as engaging with external stakeholders to shape sustainability in the broader context of the community. The role of the Steelers Sustainability Team is to provide leadership, coordination and guidance to the integration of sustainability into the Illawarra Steelers Club, including the administration of initiatives and projects designed to meet the club's sustainability objectives and goals.

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Thursday Members Cash Draw
Authorised Under NSW Permit LTPM/17/02348
Commences Thursday 01/06/2017 and concludes Thursday 31/08/2017
1. Entry is available to all financial members of the club
2. Members swipe their Membership card at the reward centre between 9.00am & 10.00pm each Thursday to receive an entry
3. Maximum 1 entry per person per day
4. Members place their entry in the barrel provided
5. There will be 4 draws each Thursday night. There will be 3 minor prizes and 1 major draw.
a. At 7.00pm, 8.00pm and 9.00pm there will be 1 x $250 draws
b. 10pm -$500 (Major draw)
c. Any cash prizes awarded after 10.00pm will be awarded by cheque made payable to that winner only.
6. Each winner will be announced by way of the clubs P.A. system and have four (4) minutes to claim their prize. In the event that a winner is not present the prize will jackpot to the major draw. In the event that the major draw is not won the prize will jackpot to the following weeks major draw. The major draw must be won when prize reaches $5000. If and when the prize reaches $5000 a ticket will be drawn from the barrel and the winner will have 4 minutes to claim their prize. In the event that the winner is not present another ticket will be drawn until a winner is present. When the final night of the promotion is reached the prize amount reached must be won and a ticket will be drawn from the barrel and the winner will have 4 minutes to claim their prize. In the event that the winner is not present another ticket will be drawn until a winner is present.
7. The total prize value each night is $1250
8. The total prize value of the promotion is $16250